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From Rain to Rainbow
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Find Love & Acceptance
For Yourself

Hi. I'm Maya.

We all have a voice

Let's find yours.

Compassionate & Proactive.

Mental Health

From Rain to Rainbow provides compassionate and proactive mental health care services to women, LGBTQIA people, people living in marginalized communities, and those in states with limited mental health resources.

We provide individual, group, and family care as well as wellness workshops for individuals and business, giving a voice to those who feel the most unheard.

Weekly Mommy and me Self Care Groups Coming February 2024!

Giving a Voice to Those Unheard.

Solutions Based Services

You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t have problems. Facing challenges and obstacles is just part of living life. At From Rain to Rainbow, we will help you find an appropriate solution to remind you that your situation is not your destination.


We provide quality mental health for Maternal support, Lgbtqia+ support, and burnout prevention.

Telehealth individual therapy

Availability on your schedule 

& Seminars

Our graduate level, licensed practitioners will create personalized presentations meeting your needs.

We get how you feel.

There's a way out.

Let this be your time to step into the sun.

Let's start your journey

Let us know how we can help

Fill out our short form, and we will schedule our first steps towards your journey to wellness.

Practice makes better.

Getting better every day

Forming strong relationships with self and others is a practice. Having a skilled guide to help you grow is useful for mental and emotional well-being – just like Michael Jordan practicing his jump shot, you can practice growing your voice with our services.

1. Mental Health Services

Meet individually with one of our practitioners to develop an individualized treatment plan focused on accomplishing your goals.

We are here for those interested in leadership and sensitivity training

For Mental Health Clinicians and businesses focused on gaining new skills supporting burnout prevention, self love, and resilience 

2. Wellness Retreats

Psychological therapy designed to reduce anxiety, depression or any other major mental illnesses

Learn concrete skills to help calm your body and your mind

Connect to your inner purpose.

Retrain yourself to see your emotions as your guides make to your true self.

3. Private Professional Groups

For those holding licensed graduate level mental health degrees.

Take care of yourself so you can continue your life-saving work

NBCC approved presentations to help you grow personally and professionally

About Maya

From the day I walked out of my home and into the world, I knew I was different. My skin wasn’t right, my voice wasn’t right, my hair wasn’t right. Somehow loving myself became so foreign, and ever since I have been clawing my way back to before. Finally through many trials triumphs, and trillions of minutes of therapy has brought back the feeling of freedom, of compassion, of self love.

My goal in life is to create a community that ends the endless journey of comparison and embraces the soothing landing place of peace and kindness. My work in life as a therapist has been to be the person I needed when I felt lost to help me see that It was not me that was not “not right.” It was how the world sees me and my community. From rain to rainbow is the place for people to find that person. Someone who will be able to walk with you in good times and bad., sprinklings glitter on it all to help the high points stick out.

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